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ROYAL Mail have announced a brand new service where postmen and women will pick up parcels from the doorsteps of people’s homes across the UK.

How will the new service work?

Households that have packages they need to send can now do so without leaving home for a 72p charge per parcel, Royal Mail said.

The parcels can weigh up to 20kg and can be a little over twice the size of most airplane hand luggage (61cm by 46cm by 46cm). It was hailed by the postal service as “one of the biggest changes to the daily delivery since the launch of the post box in 1852”.

Customers will be able to get their parcels collected every day apart from Sundays. Pre-paid return packages can be collected for 60p per item under Royal Mail doorstep pick-up service.

What have Royal Mail said about the changes?

Royal Mail chief commercial officer Nick Landon said: “Royal Mail Parcel Collect is a fantastic step forward for all of our customers.

“It makes it easier to use our services than ever before.”

In order to use the Royal Mail doorstep pick-up service, customers simply need to ensure they have already paid the correct postage to send their item. If an item does not have pre-paid postage such as a return, customers are able to pay for their postage online by visiting or via the Royal Mail app and opt for ‘Parcel Collect’.

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