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Vanuatu Post has created an official Post Office with a difference. It is the world’s only Underwater Post Office.

Situated within the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, the Post Office sits in around three metres of water and both divers and snorkellers are able to post special “waterproof postcards”. If snorkellers cannot duck-dive down that far, Hideaway Island staff will be on the spot to help out.

Situated within the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, the Post Office sits in around three meters of water and both divers and snorkelers are able to post special “waterproof postcards”. If snorkelers cannot duck-dive down that far, Hideaway Island staff will be on the spot to help out.

During opening hours the cards will be cancelled/embossed by the postal staff in the Underwater Post Office. Instead of being stamped with ink to show that the card has been sent, the Post office has developed a new embossed cancellation device.

Placed on site by Vanuatu Post, this official and currently unique postal location was approved by local Ni Vanuatu and opened for business in May 2003. Opening hours are posted on the beach at Hideaway Island, and a special flag is raised on a float above the site when there are postal workers in the water. Some Vanuatu Post Office staff have completed their Open Water dive training at Hideaway Island which has Worlds First Underwater Post Office.

Out of hours the post cards can be posted in the underwater post box attached to the post office or taken to the main post office in town. All are guaranteed to receive the special cancellation from this unique underwater paradise before being delivered both locally and internationally.

Vanuatu Post Worlds First Underwater Post OfficeThis new Post Office recognizes that the Republic of Vanuatu’s is made up of 83 islands and is a marine paradise. The sea is such an important part of life in Vanuatu so in addition to opening the worlds only Underwater Post Office, Vanuatu Post has issued a new stamp issue and mainsheet featuring snorkeling. Vanuatu was designed for snorkeling, and has countless good snorkeling spots and a wide range of spectacular sea life. This stamp issue follows the extremely popular eco-tourism stamp issue that featured many of the adventure, culture, nature, sport and community activities available in Vanuatu.

Visitors who wish to view the colorful coral gardens and the immense numbers of tropical fish, can utilize boat tour operators that cater for snorkelers as well as “free snorkel” from beaches and resorts around the island paradise. The sport is accessible for both young and old and much pleasure can be had in sea temperatures that can reach 30 degree. Thanks to Vanuatu’s Marine Park laws, the protected healthy coral reefs and abundant and varied marine life remain one of the Republic’s greatest natural attractions.

Vanuatu Post encourages visitors to literally look below the surface of this beautiful country and grab a mask, fins and snorkel, and visit the Underwater Post Office. They guarantee you will discover unlimited fun and unforgettable adventures!

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