PostBox is a great way to have single address for lifetime. Get a PostBox Id today!!

Get a PostBox ID

What is a PostBox ID?

PostBox ID is a unique postal id assigned to your address. You can use this id for receiving your letters and packages.

Eg. Whenever I share my address with anyone,

I just write my address as “ePostBook PostBox 2”.

Where 2 is the PostBox id I have subscribed.

Get a PostBox ID - epostbook blog 2

How will I get my parcel?

Every PostBox is connected to your address. So whenever someone sends you anything at the PostBox, this will be sent you. The address you will mention in you PostBox ID.

Eg. My friend does not know my address and he wants to send me a gift. He knows my PostBox ID or my mobile number.

He will simply send me the gift to “ePostBook PostBox 2”.

Since I have been living in Bangalore for last 2 months and I shifted to Bangalore from Delhi. While shifting I updated my address from Delhi to Bangalore.

Now I will be receiving all my gifts and letters and important documents to my Bangalore address.

I just have to update my address at one place instead of call and texting everyone to update my address.