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ePostBook helps in solving your logistic requirements and problems – Shipping solution for all.

Steps by ePostBook logistics solution to simplifying your logistic requirements and problems.

  1. Shipping Cost: Searching for the best shipping rate is difficult and time consuming. ePostBook logistics solution helps you in finding the best shipping rate from multiple postal, courier, logistics and shipping partners available on ePostBook platform. Try <Finding Carrier & Cost>.
  2. Shipping Time: Knowing shipments expected delivery date from multiple shipping partners and comparing them at one place is tough. You need to know the shipment’s expected delivery date before even sending the parcel and exact delivery date after shipping your parcel. Try <Check Delivery Date>.
  3. Shipment Booking: You need to save fuel and time while you are sending a document or a parcel while booking a shipment with your selected shipping partner. Try <Booking Your Shipment>.
  4. Shipment Tracking: Keeping a track of all your shipments, no matter the carrier you have selected while shipping your parcel – is important. Easy tracking and notification of all your shipments ensuring on time delivery is a must requirement. Try <Tracking Your Shipment>.
  5. Record Keeping: Storing all the shipment information and tracking status online for lifetime is a need these days. No matter where ever you are? Access your information forever from anywhere if you are connected to internet. Try <Record Tracking Information>.

ePostBook Logistics Solution will help you save time and money for you and your business.

Did your shipping carrier ask for minimum order in a month before sharing the rate list? ePostBook’s Logistics Solution helps you in getting the best shipping rate even for one shipment a month. Every single person or business booking a shipment on ePostBook helps us in more than 1000 booking in a day. We pass you the benefit of 1000+ bookings. So start saving from your first booking.

Are you sending a letter or a parcel? Request pick up from home, office, hostel, PG or hotel. Why going to a Post Office? ePostBook helps you save time and money.

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Compare price and Choose the best shipping partner to send anything, anywhere & anytime. We ship to every city in the world (domestic & international).
ePostBook is world’s first online postal, courier, logistics and freight marketplace.


5 Reasons to choose Online Post Office

Out of all the reasons on how ePostBook makes your life easier, here are top 5 reasons to choose Online Post Office as your postal, courier, logistics and freight needs:

1. Instant Door Pickup:  ePostBook provides you with instant door pickup of your consignment from your Home / Office / Warehouse or any location. All you have to do is enter pickup and delivery pin codes to check available partners on the portal ( and request a pickup. After choosing a delivery partner specify the complete pickup and delivery address. It is a complete hassle free platform and the best part is no going out of your home saving time and money. Choose Online Post Office right from your Desktop or Mobile.

2. All Types of Shipment: The platform gives a variety of shipment options to choose from depending on your needs and the item you want to ship. It allows you to send letters, documents, boxes, packets, etc. Not only this you can even book Trucks and  Containers – Mini-truck, LTL or FTL making it equally accessible by businesses and enterprises as by individuals.

4. Multiple Courier Players: ePostBook online platform allows you to choose from multiple courier and logistic players in the industry so you don’t have to call FedEx, Blue Dart, Delhivery, Aramex, Gati or other players to get your shipment booked. You will always have an option to choose the best at your convenience.

3. Postbox Rental / Unique Postal Address For Life: ePostBook rents PostBox on a monthly and yearly rentals giving you a Unique Postal Address (UPA) for lifetime so you can shift anywhere in the world without changing your address. PostBox rentals are a big time favourite for all of us who doesn’t have a permanent address or tends to shift/relocate too often.

5. Postal Record Keeping Book / Lifetime Shipment Tracking Information: The platform saves all your shipping information for life. Do you remember when was the last time you sent a letter to your mother? or When was the last time you wrote a letter to your son, daughter or wife? No you don’t remember because no courier partners save this information for you. ePostBook save this information for life because we want you to cherish these moments for life.

Choose Online Post Office – ePostBook

Online Post Office / Online Postal Services will be the future for Postal and Courier services in the world. Time will be the most precious thing for all of us in the coming years. We all will have no options to stand in a queue or call multiple courier partners asking for a logistic service. We will choose online Post Office as an easy option for sending anything and anywhere.

Looking for a Post Office near you – <<click here>>